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The problem we are trying to solve

The field of teacher education is in the midst of a major shift—from a primary focus on the knowledge needed for teaching to an increased focus on teachers' use of that knowledge in practice.

However, there are too few opportunities for teacher educators who work across institutions, disciplines, and perspectives to grapple with what practice-based teacher education might look like and how best to prepare novice teachers to engage students in equitable and meaningful subject matter learning. 

A driving purpose of our work together is to ensure that new teachers begin their careers significantly better equipped to create intellectually and emotionally engaged disciplinary learning for all of their students.  In our work, we focus on practices that help novice teachers counter longstanding inequities in the schooling experiences of children, particularly youth from communities that continue to be marginalized in the US. 

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The Consortium aims to:

  1. Select starting points for collective work on particular core practices that matter for student learning and explore how the practices might vary by subject matter. 
  2. Develop and study teacher education pedagogies to use in preparing novices to engage in these practices.
  3. Produce and study tools and resources for meaningful, equity-minded instruction in K-12 settings as well as in teacher education.
  4. Support the improvement of the field of teacher education and the efforts of teacher education programs to prepare novices to teach toward equity and justice.

The Core Practice Consortium (CPC) includes faculty from:

  • Boston Teacher Residency 
  • San Francisco State University
  • Stanford University 
  • University of California Los Angeles 
  • University of Colorado-Boulder 
  • University of Illinois-Chicago 
  • University of Michigan 
  • University of Notre Dame 
  • University of Pennsylvania 
  • University of Virginia
  • University of Washington 
  • University of Wisconsin